Tackle and Grapple

23 Nov


Today I taught my first women’s only class and it was great. I had a group of terrific ladies and I was impressed by their hard rolls during the class. I’m definitely looking forward to teaching another women’s only class. This was a great opportunity for all of them to test their skills on one another.

I love teaching kids BJJ

25 Oct


So something I was thinking about today was the lack of effort some BJJ gyms put towards their children’s programs. I’ve seen many instances where a black belt will refuse to teach kids or will just grab a random blue belt to teach with no guidance.

This is unfortunate because I find teaching kids to be amazing. Being able to have such a direct impact on these youngster’s life is incredible. Sure it requires more patience and sure it’s tough. But knowing that I have a beneficial influence on my children’s lives is incredibly fulfilling. I think of the positive effects my youth leaders had on me growing up as a kid in church and summer camps, and I hope that I’ll have a similar effect on my students. Also, truth be told. I’m kind of an overgrown kid.

Let me add this. Should you ever get a chance to teach kids BJJ. . . Do it! Not only will it test your ability to simplify a movement and further develop your teaching. . . and patience. But it really is an interesting and awesome experience.

Custom gis for my gym!

24 Oct


So after nearly 6 weeks of waiting our custom Derby City gis came in! I’m so happy about them. They came out well and the gis are top notch. I’m normally suited up in either a Keiko or Shoyoroll but these gis are made by a Gi company called Da Firma. Their website is . I’ll do a video review of their Gi in the next few days but for now, check out the new patches I had made for the gi!